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Rain Water Harvesting Castle Hill

The roof of your house is an ideal place to store rainwater for future use. There are many benefits that come with this, such as being able to water plants during dry times and save money on electricity bills because you’re not using sprinklers or hoses.

Harvesting rainwater from your roof is the easiest way to collect it. You can do this by using gutters and pipes, which carry water into containers or other storage systems depending on how much you need for everyday use.

Harvesting rainwater is a great way to save and conserve water, but sometimes the dirty storm waters will contain debris that could be harmful if not filtered out beforehand with an effective roofing filter. The best time for collecting fresh drinking quality water would usually come after your home’s first significant rainfall during any given season- this allows you enough warning so as not cause unnecessary damage or injury before it has been cleaned up properly.

Have you ever considered drinking water from the rain? It’s entirely possible. Castle Hill Quality Plumbing offers a wide range of services to help make this happen for your home or business. What are you waiting for? Call Castle Hill Plumbing today to order a rainwater tank. We have been installing them since 1990 and can help with anything from installation, sales, or repairs on your rainwater tanks.

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    Benefits Of Rainwater Harvesting

    As the popularity for rainwater collection systems is on an increase, it makes sense that 80% households with tanks consider their supply ample. To make best use out these waters you should utilize them both indoors and outdoors- which can then go towards your garden while drinking water from main line comes in at all times. Some of the usages of rainwater from tanks include:

    • Providing the high temp water framework
    • Warm supports to protect houses
    • Ventilation for structures
    • Shielding homes from bushfires
    • Recharging homegrown pools or spas
    • Drinking water
    • Garden watering
    • Toilet flushing
    • Clothing use
    • Car washing


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      Size matters. Rainwater tanks come in different sizes, and the price will vary depending on your needs. Contact Castle Hill Plumbing so we can discuss your requirements with one of our experts who will help recommend the best solution based on size & budget. With our cheap and trusted 24-hour emergency service and state-of-the-art equipment, we will be able to resolve your problem quickly so that it doesn’t become an issue in the future.

      What Are The Rainwater Harvesting System Components?

      Many parts make up a rainwater harvesting system, but typically the four main ones include: 

      •  Rainfall Sensors:  This determines when it’s raining and how much.
      •  Tanks: This is for holding collected rainwater until necessary use, usually extensive enough so people can take baths or laundry duty without having an external supply.
      • Pumps: This will move excess surface runoff from gutters into the storage containers.
      • Filtration Device: – This is necessary to filter out impurities in the rainwater to ensure clean drinking-quality water without any harmful bacteria or chemicals getting into your rainwater storage container.

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