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Repair Your Pipe With Our Robotic Pipe Cutting

We are not just plumbers – we also specialize in emergency repairs. When your pipes get blocked, punctured or concrete stuck inside of them then call us for help! We use specialized tools that will make the task easier on you and more successful than if someone else tried doing it themselves without these special skills needed to fix these types problems with their own equipment.

At Castle Hill Plumbing, we know that every drain is different, and blockages are unique. Specializing in pipe cutting, our local plumbers understand how to get the job done right. From large projects like new construction or remodeling homes down to small jobs such as unclogging drains at home.

This is the future of plumbing! Robotic pipe cutting can now repair and unblock sewer or stormwater pipes without disrupting environmental factors. With robots, it’s much quicker than digging up the ground with heavy machinery or even high-pressure water jetting that isn’t powerful enough for removing blockages from depths up 5 meters deep in some cases – but don’t worry because we’ve got you covered here at Castle Hill Plumbing Services Incorporated.

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Our Robotic Pipe Cutter Castle Hill Features Include But Is Not Limited To:

Some of our robotic pipe cutter’s features are:

  • It can grind away any obstruction, ensuring a smooth surface for future relining.
  • It can operate in pipes of 50mm to 250mm in diameter.
  •  It can cut tree roots and re-open pipe liners. 
  • It can record video footage and still images.
  • It can also perform lateral reinstatement. 
  • It can quickly and efficiently cut hard materials without causing any further damage to the pipe.

In addition, the RoboDK offline programming software allows for accurate and repeatable pipe cutting. This feature makes robotic pipe cutters a practical choice for commercial and residential plumbing problems that require precision cutting.

The cutter’s ability to work at high speed means it can clear blocks five meters underground without needing costly digging or replacement. Because it’s so efficient, a robotic pipe cutter can save you a lot of money and time.

What Is A Robotic Pipe Cutter?

A Robotic Pipe Cutter is a machine that can be attached to an air hose and sent into a pipe. It can clear any obstructions or debris from drainage and conduit systems. 

There are two types of robotic pipe cutters available. The Automatic Plus computerized lateral cutter is designed for pipes 80 to 250mm in diameter. Its design offers excellent maneuverability and splash-proof capability. The Automatic Plus robotic pipe cutter also features 100mm of axial movement, reducing the need to reposition the cutting tool in the pipeline during rehabilitation. It’s compact wheeled trolley makes it easy to transport to the job site.

Robotic Air Powered Or Branch Cutter Can:


  • Operate in pipes from 50mm to 250mm in diameter.
  • Access the pipe through the same point used for pipe relining: one access point minimizes disruption to your property.

How Is Robotic Cutting Used

Robotic pipe cutting is a hi-tech, modern method that uses state-of-the-art technology and powerful cameras to remove blockages from pipes without damaging them. This versatile equipment can traverse through any pipe and cut lateral connections. The robot pipe cutter is particularly efficient due to the self-propelled carriage and the cutting arm’s turning and swiveling movement.

Our highly experienced and skilled technicians can use cutting-edge technology for all your precision plumbing needs. With our robotic pipe cutting services, we can repair or clear out blockages in your pipes without the costly digging and excavation work at a  cheap and affordable rate. Contact us today.

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